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Treatment for hepatitis C. Effective treatments for hepatitis C are now available and can result in you permanently clearing hepatitis C. Once you are diagnosed. Recent years have seen a revolution in medical innovation for hepatitis C, which can now be cured with just 8 to 24 weeks of safe, simple treatment. However. The goal of treatment is permanent elimination of HCV RNA (ie, SVR), which is associated with permanent normalization of aminotransferase levels and cessation.

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Most people with hepatitis C can be cured with an antiviral medicine called Maviret. It has a cure rate of more than 90% with 8 weeks treatment for most people. Prior to , the combination of pegylated interferon and ribavirin was the gold standard of therapy for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C. Since The availability of new anti-viral medications that treats all strains means hepatitis C has become a potentially curable disease. However, there is currently.

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Even with treatment, hepatitis C infection may not clear up within six months. In rare cases, a liver transplant may be needed. However, it is possible that. Hepatitis C can be treated and cured. Almost everyone living with HCV can now be cured with a one-pill-a-day regimen in eight-to-twelve weeks. Hepatitis C is a slow, progressive disease of the liver caused by infection with the blood-borne hepatitis C virus (HCV).