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Set up by parents who adopted from overseas, AFS also provides down-to earth information and advice about inter-country adoption, the process and. ISS Australia has significant expertise in intercountry adoption and has a long history providing cross border family and adoption tracing and reunification. Intercountry adoptions can only be concluded with the approval of the child's country of origin. Countries have their own specific requirements for applicants.

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Intercountry adoption is among the range of stable care options. For individual children who cannot be cared for in a family setting in their country of origin. In an intercountry adoption, Adoption Options acts as the local agency preparing all of the documents required to create the dossier. Considering International Adoption? Adoptive parent Lyn Kelley gives important advice for anyone thinking about adopting a child from another country. • Contact.

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International Adoptions. We will facilitate the process for couples wanting to adopt. Thousands of U.S. citizens adopt children from abroad, providing them with loving homes, supportive families, and a world of happiness. International adoptions. Advantages of adopting internationally include the option to: · Adopt through a closed adoption system · Adopt within a specific time · Select the age and gender.